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Business Research

The importance of research has grown over the last four decades. The advent of a focus on the quality of products including services by organization both for-profit and not-for-profit has increased the emphasis on research studies in identifying consumers and stakeholders needs, attitude, satisfaction levels, and host of research objectives falls within scope of studies. However, organizations vary substantially in terms of the roles and responsibility they assign to research studies. Some, for example, view research as mainly an ad hoc data gathering and analysis function, while other broadly define the role and responsibility and view it as an information center for decision-making.

The researchers also have to deal with multiple languages and cultural dimensions that complicate data collection and interpretation. There is often a lack of secondary data for researchers to utilize. In addition, structure of research companies that provide syndicated data, select sample, do interviews, and so forth is often under developed or absent. The logistical dimensions of implementing research internationally are complex, and the cost can be high.

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