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Data Collection: Exploratory Research

Exploratory research is an initial or preliminary stage in the research process. In exploratory research, information is collected from either primary or secondary sources in order to provide insight into management problem and identify courses of action. If the decision-making unit has previous accurate information about a decisions situation, exploratory research may be all that is needed. To undertake exploratory research the qualitative techniques normally used. Qualitative techniques have the following characteristics:

  1. Small convenience or quota samples are used
  2. The information sought relates to the respondents’ motivation, beliefs, feelings, and attitudes
  3. An intuitive, subjective approach is used in gathering the data
  4. The approach is not intended to provide statistically or scientifically accurate data


Qualitative Techniques

Qualitative techniques such as focus groups and in-depth interviews are often touted as the only types of research that allow the decision-maker and the researcher to see respondents in the flash and have them talk about issues in their own words.

Qualitative techniques include instruments like:

  1. Focus Group
  2. Mini groups, two-way focus group, dual-moderator group, client participants group
In-depth interviews