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Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy consists of (1) management’s long-term vision for the competition (2) objectives that serves as milestones toward the vision (3) skills, capabilities and assess (4) business in which the corporate competes (5) structure, systems, and process, and (6) creation of value through multi markets.

The tools to formulate corporate strategies include among others:

  1. SWOT Matrix
  2. Space Matrix
  3. (BCG) Matrix
  4. Internal-External Matrix
  5. The Grand Strategy Matrix

The decision stage is the quantitative strategic planning matrix (QSPM)
Even the most technically perfect strategic plan will serve little purpose if it not implemented. Many organization tend to spend an inordinate amount of times, money, and effort on developing the strategic plan, treating the means and circumstances under which it will be implemented as after thoughts! Change comes through implementation and evaluation, not through the plan tools in practice for effective implementation and evaluation include strategic activities such as:

  1. Annual Objectives, Polices
  2. Resource Allocation
  3. Matching Structure with Strategy
  4. Managing Conflict
  5. Restructuring, Reengineering and e-Engineering
  6. Balance Score Card
  7. Reviewing Bases of Strategy
  8. Measuring Organizational Performance, and Correct Manageable Actions.